Graduate Programs

The Mathematics program is designed to prepare especially able students for a career in mathematical research and instruction.

A relatively small enrollment of 30 to 40 students permits small classes and close contact with faculty. Applicants should have a good background in undergraduate mathematics, regardless of their majors. Students with backgrounds in advanced mathematics will find our program quite flexible. Visits to Brown and direct communication with the director of graduate study are strongly encouraged.

The core courses are in differentiable manifolds, real functions, complex functions, algebra, and topology. Other courses offered each year are in P.D.E., probability, algebraic geometry, number theory and differential geometry.

Additional Resources

The library contains one of the finest mathematical collections available anywhere. The department has extensive computing facilities.

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Application Requirements

GRE Subject:

Not required

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Not required


Application Deadline

Completion Requirements

Advancement to candidacy determined in part by qualification in the basic and advanced courses; teaching experience; examination on an advanced topic; expository talk based on a research paper in that subject; dissertation; and oral defense.

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Department Chair
Jeffrey Hoffstein
Director of Graduate Studies
Thomas Goodwillie

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