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Working with faculty who are leaders in the field, our Ph.D. students conduct cutting-edge research, earning prestigious fellowships and awards. After graduation, they contribute widely to science, learning, culture and their communities.

Brown's Computer Science Ph.D. program offers one of the best environments for research and education in computer science. The faculty, consisting of world leaders in their research areas, has grown steadily in number over the years. The program offers a wide variety of research options in both established and emerging areas of the discipline, and seeks out Brown's many opportunities for multidisciplinary research. Ph.D. candidates can earn a master's degree on the way to completing the Ph.D., but students admitted for a terminal master's degree cannot automatically transition to Ph.D. candidacy.

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The Department of Computer Science provides leading–edge computing technology to all its students. PhD students' offices are very similar to those of faculty, with windows overlooking the campus and surrounding area. Students also have access to compute clusters and labs.

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Not required

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Not required


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Eight courses satisfying distribution requirements, major and minor course sequences, programming comprehensive examination and research project by the end of the second year in residence, dissertation proposal, and dissertation.

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Roberto Tamassia
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Maurice Herlihy

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